10 series

Rolfing 10 series

Massaging a painful area of the body can give immediate relief. However, most of the time the underlying causes will make this effect only temporary. Rather than focussing on the area of pain, we should work with one's entire system. Rolfing ® does this through a protocol named the 10 series.

The 10 series is a quest into the client’s structural and movement patterns, which have been influenced by life habits, injuries and traumas. Each session builds on to the prior and prepares the next. In practice the process can take 8-15 sessions. The protocol gives a blueprint of structural and functional goals to be worked on in every session. For example breath is first addressed because everything (even walking!) is connected to breathing. If we work on other structures first, but there is not a healthy breathing process to support, changes are unlikely to last. Although sessions are sequential you don’t have to commit to 10 sessions from the start. I advise people to do one session and decide afterwards if they want to continue or not.

So what are the goals of every session? The goal of session 1 is to give the client more freedom of breathing. Session 2 works on feet and lower legs to create a connection with the ground. The third session works on the side line of the body, from ankle to armpit, in order to find balance from front to back. These first three sessions are called sleeve. They work on the surface of the body preparing for deeper work. Sessions 4, 5, 6 and 7 work on the deeper structures and are called core sessions. The last three sessions integrate all the previous work. They are often more movement oriented and focus on contra-laterality.