Why fascia in Yoga?

Last summer I attended Rolfing workshops with Kevin Frank and Caryn McHose. Both are teachers with a rich movement background and apply this wonderfully in their work. We explored eccentric movement, spatial awareness and length and how to apply this in Rolfing sessions. These concepts are central in Rolfing and have brought ease, health and harmony to my own movement practice. They are also central in the workshops I teach on Fascia in Yoga. In these workshops participants explore what fascia is and how to create length using two directions.

What is fascia and how does fascia influence our yoga practice?
Fascia can be found in and around muscles, in joint capsules, around organs and in the form of ligaments and tendons. It forms a spider web under our skin and in deeper parts of the body. A spider web that influences how we move and that can lead to pain if tension is not balanced. Fascia is crucial in strength transfer and proprioception. In the workshops we explore what fascia is and why fascia is so important. Based on scientific research but explored in your own body.

How to use fixpoint and direction?
By making use of two directions you can create length and ease of movement. We work on awakening feet, hands and sitting bones to create a stable basis. From that stable basis you cancreate length by finding direction. Length helps you move gracefully but also creates a safe position for joints who don’t like to be compressed. We also explore how to apply fixpoint and direction in adjusting yoga students. We start with simple movements and later apply these concepts to asana.

How to open fascial lines?
Commonly we think of back or front bending as an action of folding the body. If we instead change our focus to the parts that open, we find more safety and ease of movement. We explore the lines of fascia running through your body and how to incorporate them in our practice. We learn how to work with these fascial lines from an opening instead of bending perspective.

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