Teaching AcroYoga as a teambuilding activity allows me full use of my Psychology background. I received a Bachelor in Personnel Management and Industrial Psychology, then continued with a European Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Specializing in Mindfulness, I expanded my expertise. My continued inquiries lead me to Rolfing, Yoga and AcroYoga.

AcroYoga is the ideal practice to develop trust, communication skills, and confidence. A climate of trust is central to every healthy working environment. Trust is essential in AcroYoga. Without it, even the simplest partner exercises are not possible. For trust to develop, effective communication is crucial. In AcroYoga, participants are confronted with challenging situations where there is no competition, but where it is necessary to work together. Based on my background in psychology, participants learn to communicate effectively using verbal and non-verbal communication. AcroYoga also develops confidence. With our professional guidance, participants are capable of much more than they would expect. This feeling of empowerment carries over to other areas of life and work.

The level of classes is adapted so that everyone leaves with a feeling of achievement. We build up slowly and emphasize safety. For more information, contact me