Bart’s contemporary and down-to-earth approach fits perfectly in a corporate environment. At the end of the class we all feel calm, energised and ready to tackle the day


Corporate Yoga & Movement (Brussels)

I have two international Master degrees in Exercise Psychology and am a certified Rolfing therapist and yoga teacher specialized in corporate settings. In my classes I combine my postural expertise, extensive yoga background and insight into the psychology of the body. The central focus lays on finding more adapted ways of breathing, sitting and moving. As a result, students are able to reconnect to their bodies while experiencing a general state of well-being.



Why yoga and movement in the office?

  • Increases well-being and health

  • Prevents burn-out

  • Teaches strategies to deal with stress & anxiety

  • Enhances work performance

  • Lеѕѕ sick timе & absences


Yoga & movement classes in the office

Bart combines his postural expertise, extensive yoga background and insight into the psychology of the body. His approach is practical and goes beyond stretching and relaxing. The central focus lies on developing physical awareness and self-regulatory skills in order to better deal with stress and increase your physical well-being. By improving your quality of movement, you will find more comfort and ease in your body and address the roots of chronic pain.  Bart's contemporary approach to yoga is open for different ages, fitness levels or previous or current injuries.


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1. Posture of excellence

Your posture is your story. It determines how you meet the world and how you allow the world to meet you. Its impact goes beyond the physical; it influences how you act and how others behave towards you.

In this workshop you will investigate your postural habits, how they influence your presence, and the impact you have on others. You will learn pragmatic exercises and tools to find a posture that allows you to be the best version of yourself.

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2. Sitting, how to do it right

Office workers commonly complain about pain caused by sitting, yet few know how to reverse the more physically wearing and damaging effects of the chair.

This workshop goes beyond sitting “straight”. By finding support from the ground and lightness upwards, you will learn how to sit tall without effort. You will explore new possibilities in sitting and use the chair as a tool to move and gain body awareness at work.

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3. Stress- regulation

Stress is a physical reaction that occurs when our system perceives a threat. It served us well thousands of years ago when we were regularly faced with life-threatening dangers as hunter-gatherers. While we now rarely face dangerous situations, we are often confronted with intense and extended stimulation, sensory information and the need to be hyper alert. This triggers the same ancient stress system, as if we were constantly under threat of a tiger sitting behind our office chair.

You will learn how stress affects you. You will observe what changes physically when you get stressed while developing strategies to calm your system down. The attention-oriented exercises are pragmatic and will serve you as quick tools to apply in your personal and professional life.


I have been teaching yoga workshops all over Belgium as well as in England, Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg. Since 2016, I specialize in Corporate Yoga and have been teaching classes and workshops in international companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Pepsico, Eurogas, Sidley Austin LLP,  Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and Uría Menéndez. For more information and references check Linkedin