Rolfing ® helps people of all ages

  • move more efficiently and with more ease

  • address the roots of chronic pain issues

  • increase your energy and well-being

  • expand your potential for effortless living

  • get to know your body and movement patterns

This is the gospel of Rolfing: when the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through.Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself
— Ida P. Rolf, Ph. D

What is Rolfing ® ?


Rolfing ® is a bodywork technique that uses fascial manipulation as well as movement education to create structural changes, open new possibilities for movement, and increase well being.


Rolfing ® works holistically, meaning with the whole person (body structure). The Rolfing treatments can affect the whole body on a structural – functional and / or perceptual level. In Rolfing ® we work with the body’s soft tissue, specifically connective tissue called fascia. Fascia is the largest organ in the human and is known as the organ of form meaning it gives the body shape. It is highly innervated and is key to perception, posture, coordination and movement. The Rolfing touch is a skillful and precise manual technique that helps the body to balance out tension and create new potential for the body to move differently. These functional changes in movement and posture are essential as they are the foundation for lasting and sustainable results. Moreover, as the body changes physically, significant shifts in perception can occur, resulting in lower stress and anxiety, increased confidence and maturity.


During the Rolfing sessions, we undergo a quest together. A quest into the client’s structural and movement patterns, which have been influenced by life habits, injuries and traumas.  These patterns can decrease life quality and lead to pain. Rolfing ® is unique because it offers new patterns and brings the body into balance in relationship to gravity.

Bart Adins