I was curious about how Rolfing could point out new aspects of body awareness and balance to me and how I could connect this experience with my yoga practice. Fortunately Bart as a yoga teacher himself was the perfect match for my ten-sessions. He is a very calm and friendly person who I could feel relaxed with from the very beginning. He showed me gently how to work with my natural gravity and let go of unnecessary tightness had not really been aware of before. I can recommend his treatment to everyone who wants more awareness and experience effortlessness and a healthy change for body and mind. Thanks Bart for being such a great Rolfer!
— Britta, Yoga Teacher/Munich
After the 10 series with Bart, I can move with a lot more freedom. I walk more upright, breath more deeply and can turn my head with a lot more ease, something I notice every day when I look backwards backing out of my driveway.
— Christian S.